A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics On Unemployment

One of the most important parts of the adult experience is having a job and earning a steady income. In many ways it is the reason that we spend some of our most interesting years being educated. With this in mind it is sometimes difficult to consider how many people in the modern world remain unemployed with very little hope of finding jobs in the foreseeable future.

Part of this is because of the global economic downturn. This came about due to the collapse of the American housing market and the corrupt banking practices that favored the elite. In almost any social science discipline you can find a way to connect your studies to the phenomena of unemployment. When picking a topic keep these in mind:

How open minded is your professor?

Some academics are very conservative and thus unwilling to accept alternative theories on anything. They may be especially sure that people who are poor or jobless have earned their suffering by being lazy or otherwise immoral. Even if you make good points they may be predisposed to discard them.

What have your other colleagues done?

If there is a particular angle that others have been trying too many times it may be better for you to go in another direction just to retain some originality. Just ensure that you do not sacrifice academic integrity to be unique.

How many resources do you have at your disposal?

There are topics that require decades to fully explore. Worse yet, when it comes to people’s employment status, you may not have access to all of the information that you need to create good research. This may result in a substandard paper.

With this in mind you could come up with some like these:

  1. Is freelancing a new form of living unemployed?
  2. Can the economy survive the latest wave of job loss?
  3. Are people who lack jobs truly searching?
  4. Income equality: should the minimum wage be raised significantly?
  5. Should job security be abolished?
  6. Should the retirement age be lowered significantly?
  7. Should more pensioners be convinced to come out of retirement?
  8. Would the creative process benefit from an assured minimum income for all citizens?
  9. How do homeless job holders affect the work environment?
  10. Are creative professionals adequately dealt with in employment statistics?

As you consider this topic remember to deal with the issue with some level of sensitivity. These statistics represent people.

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