A List Of Dissertation Ideas On Law: 24 Expert Suggestions

Here are topics worth considering for a dissertation in law

Topics worth considering while writing a dissertation in Law

  1. What do you feel needs to be changed about the investigation and evidence process in criminal law
  2. What are commercial laws? Why do they exist and how applicable they are in the commercial transactions today
  3. Can a person claim or fight for the psychiatric injury caused or possibly caused by an event in the court of law
  4. What are the discrimination policies in America and Europe and how are they different from each other
  5. The laws imposed on the European Union and how will they impact the trade unions in United Kingdom
  6. What are the policies of quota and tariffs on tangible consumer products in north America and how legally sound are they
  7. What is the situation of law authorities and institutes in under developed countries
  8. Is it true that rich rules the law and laws grind the poor
  9. Is there a relation or role of trade unions in employment levels in any economy
  10. What is the situation caused if a company breaks the legal issues in the virtual world and what court deals with it
  11. What is the causation issue in relation to the duty of care
  12. What are intellectual property rights and how do they impact the decisions of economy of choice
  13. What is a trespasser and when are they no longer considered trespassers according to the occupiers liability
  14. What are copyright laws and are the effectively followed in your country? Explain how is it beneficial both in the favor of holder and the user
  15. What is the arbitration system used in commercial transactions and how strong is it
  16. What are the shareholders stake values in a company law
  17. What are shareholders and stake holders? How are both different in terms of law
  18. The impact of war on terror on the legal structure of the countries that are going through it
  19. The legal procedure for handling a divorce case in Europe versus America
  20. What is the law of omissions liability
  21. What is the concept of child support act and how legally sound is it
  22. Is law practiced as it is mentioned in the theory
  23. The concept of insurance and its legalization
  24. Legalizing marijuana
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