How To Find A Catchy Law Dissertation Topic: 5 Useful Tips

There are some useful ideas you can utilize to find excellent law related topics for your dissertation. It’s important to remember that your topic should be of such a sort that it allows for plenty of research and content on the subject. However, be sure that your topic is not too broad so as to miss a particular direction you wish to take. Here are five tips on where to find great law topics, and how to word them in such a way that they are catchy.

  • Real cases
  • Look at case history books and find a gripping case that you can write about. You should also note whether or not the case you are considering has enough content to fill your research quota and keep your reader interested.

    How to make it catchy: Word your topic in such a way that it captures the essence of the case you have chosen. Use the names, such as The State versus Robertson, but follow with a description of what was most relevant to the case.

  • Online writing firms
  • Academic writing companies will also provide topic ideas as a service. Ask them for a consultation and get some suggestions.

    How to make it catchy: The companies that come up with these ideas already know how to make them catchy. Choose the one that grabs your attention the best and use it for your dissertation.

  • Academic blogs
  • The blog sections of academic sites often provide topic lists for free. See if you can find one that pertains to law topics and make use of one of the suggestions.

    How to make it catchy: Remember that these topics are accessible to everyone, so consider tweaking it a bit instead of using it as is. Failure to do so will make it sound redundant.

  • Legal news
  • Check out some news sites and use some interesting stories as topic ideas.

    How to make it catchy: Don’t just report on the story; analyze it and discuss the various implications the story has on law in general. Then, word your topic accordingly.

  • Law analysis
  • You don’t necessarily have to choose a case. There are hundreds of laws that have an impact on society every day. You can take one of these laws and analyze all aspects of it:

    • How and when the law came to be
    • Why it is exclusively practiced in your state or country (if applicable)
    • Why it should or should not be changed, amended, or abandoned

    How to make it catchy: Promise your reader a compelling dissertation by stating an unorthodox claim that does not adhere to the common mindset.

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