In Search Of Good Psychology Dissertation Ideas: 10 Great Suggestions

The choice of a psychology dissertation topic should be taken seriously considering that you are going to spend the next few years studying and writing about the area. To ensure that you have an exciting time completing your psychology dissertation, select an appropriate topic. How do I get the right topic? Here are tips from a research expert.

  • Ask your professor- you will have an advantage if the professor is actively involved in research. The professor understands your areas of interest and is better positioned to guide you on the choice of topic.
  • Read departmental research briefs- such brief indicate priority areas for research in your faculty. If you find a researcher in your department interested in a similar area, ask the member to join your psychology dissertation committee. You will have incredible synergy of resources.
  • Read empirical papers- such papers indicate areas of future research. The recommendations made on these papers also provide pointers to areas that have been studied and those that have received limited attention.
  • Refer to your term papers- a topic you enjoyed writing on in your term papers indicates passion and provides an easier topic to work with. You are allowed to advance the research in your dissertation since the level of academic involvement varies.
  • Sift through available literature reviews- journals provide excellent pointers to topics that are recommended for research.
  • Avoid areas of emotional interest- areas that affect you or family members at a personal level are difficult to work on. If your family is affected by depression and other psychological issues, studying the area might lead to bias.

There are different areas in psychology. The topics given below cover multiple areas and will guarantee a compelling psychology dissertation once completed.

  1. 1.How do circumstances influence the sense of time?
  2. 2.Is the existence of subliminal perception true or does it represent a more complex phenomenon?
  3. 3.How is the understanding of perceptual processes influenced by visual illusions?
  4. 4.How do working memory and attention relate?
  5. 5.Attention as a multivariate other than uni-modal concept.
  6. 6.The role played by pre-frontal cortex in regards to short-term memory.
  7. 7.The adult human brain and its plasticity limits.
  8. 8.How emotions, impaired social cognition and anxiety disorder relate.
  9. 9.The perception of pain and how attention, emotional state and expectation contribute.
  10. 10.Working memory as an aspect of long term-memory.

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