Simple Tricks That Will Help You Pass Your Dissertation Defense With Ease

Your dissertation does carry an awful lot of weight in your collegiate career. It is one of the premier works that you will create during your college career and it is something you should be proud of and it should be something you put a lot of effort in. Your main objective when giving your dissertation defense is to make sure the committee knows exactly what you are writing about. You want to be confident in your defense and make sure you come across as confident and knowledgeable. Again, first impressions are everything so make sure the committee knows you know what you are talking about. Here are some simple tricks to help you pass your dissertation defense easily:

  • You must make sure the audience knows that you completely understand your thesis. Many people in the audience are knowledgeable in the area of your dissertation so you won’t be able to fool them. Blow them away with your knowledge.
  • You have to act like a lawyer and defend your position to the jury and the judge. Persuade them that your evidence is true and will prove your thesis.
  • Try to stay in control of the defense you are presenting. Always be ready with facts that may be of interest and spark discussion in your committee. Sometimes it is good to try to throw them off a little.
  • Prepare yourself for the committee to attack your work. They will try to rip your theory apart but if you prepare sufficiently enough, you won’t be unnerved and expect all of the questions and be ready with plausible answers. It is primary and very important to understand that your attitude is extremely important during the entire defense presentation. You want your committee to be convinced that you are sure of your thesis and your works have proven the issues and your work is solid.
  • Sometimes overlooked is your appearance. You should definitely have the look of professionalism. You are convincing the committee that you are worthy of their respect and your appearance goes a long way toward doing that.

Your dissertation defense is one of the highlights of your collegiate career and is something you should look forward to. It is the culmination of years of study and is the opportunity to show the educational community that you have something to contribute. This is a very exciting time in your scholastic career and it is up to you to make the most of it.

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