Advice For Selecting Marketing Master’s Thesis Topics

When completing a master's degree in marketing, the majority of students will have to write a thesis paper. This type of writing takes months or years to complete, so students should select a topic as soon as possible. To get started on this process, students should use the following tips.

Gather Old Essays

The easiest subjects to write about are ones that the student already knows about. Although a master's thesis is much longer than an ordinary essay, it can still be done on a similar topic. Students should gather all of the assignments that they wrote for the undergraduate and graduate classes in marketing, and check out Thesis Helpers blog for more samples and ideas. As the student looks through the assignments, they should consider how applicable they will be to a master's degree. If the assignment's topic can be expanded and originally received an A+, students should strongly consider using the same topic for their masters degree.

Read Through Dissertation Examples

Unless the student has already written a dissertation, they probably have not ever read this type of writing. To understand what will be expected, students should find marketing dissertations and spend some time reading through them. As the student does this, they will want to consider the types of topics that weer used and how each student developed their topic. If an aspect of one paper seems particularly interesting, students can always use it as a topic idea for their own writing.

Be Passionate

Since this type of writing project takes months to accomplish, students will want a topic that they actually care about. If the student feels passionately about the topic, it will be easier for them to put in the long hours researching and writing about it.

Find Something That Translates Into the Job Market

After graduating, students will be expected to get jobs in the field of marketing. Although a thesis paper is seldom read by employers, it could be if the topic is the right one. If the student is looking to work in a specific industry or a certain company, they may want to write about a topic that would be applicable for that business.

Keep Every Option Open

Some students do not plan on applying for a PhD program, but they should still keep their options open. By picking a topic that could later be expanded in a PhD program, students make it easier to get accepted and to complete a PhD in record time.

Write Your Paper

As you take more time to write your paper you can conduct thorough research which can benefit you when your paper is completed. You have time to use more sources and you can choose good data without added pressure.

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