Top 20 Potential Developmental Psychology Dissertation Ideas

Your dissertation is probably the hardest paper that you will have to write throughout your education. It is designed to take all of the information that you have learned over the years and utilize it to create an original paper. Coming up with a good topic that is original is very important. You can learn so much from this project. Here are some of the topics that you can write your paper on. Choose one that interests you. You can also use this list to come up with other ideas.

  1. 1. Does teaching sign language to infants make it easier or harder for them to learn how to speak?
  2. 2. Can different parenting styles change the physical activity of a child?
  3. 3. If parents are less involved in the lives of their kids, do they have a harder time learning?
  4. 4. Do children who are distracted while doing their homework retain less information?
  5. 5. Does eating breakfast really improve a child’s understanding in school?
  6. 6. If companies were to make healthy foods more accessible for snacking, would parents buy them more readily for their kid’s snacks?
  7. 7. Does negative or positive reinforcement work best?
  8. 8. Do charts really help a child learn what is expected of them?
  9. 9. Do older children tend to procrastinate more than younger children?
  10. 10. Do infants really benefit from watching television programs designed for their development?
  11. 11. How does short-term memory change with age?
  12. 12. Can you really train your brain to retain more information?
  13. 13. Can you exercise your eyes to help you see better?
  14. 14. If you don’t let your male child play with dolls, are you sending a message that it is not his job to care for his children?
  15. 15. What are some of Jean Piaget’s most influential discoveries?
  16. 16. Are there better ways to teach children how to do math problems?
  17. 17. What are some ways to increase a child’s social skills?
  18. 18. Can parents make a bigger difference in their child’s education by teaching their kids skills or does it make it harder because they may not teach them how to solve the problems the same way as the teacher?
  19. 19. How important is it for students to use the new math methods compared to the old ones?
  20. 20. Should schools decide to increase the amount of technology they expose the children to?

Write Your Paper

As you take more time to write your paper you can conduct thorough research which can benefit you when your paper is completed. You have time to use more sources and you can choose good data without added pressure.

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