Top 15 Dissertation Topics On Human Resource Management

Before graduation, many students in human resources will have to complete a dissertation. These essays are designed to demonstrate the full range of the student's learning. In generally, the student will perform months of research to support their thesis. With so much time spent on the paper, students should select an interesting topic. It will be easier for the student to remain interested in writing if they like the topic. To get started on writing the paper on human resource management, students should consider some of the following 15 topics. These can be used as they are or modified for an entirely unique thesis.

  1. How do stock options increase an employee's commitment to a company? What does it do to retention rates?
  2. How are human resources allocated differently during a recession? How does this impact the morale of the staff members?
  3. How does company culture and management effect the results of German and Japanese automotive companies?
  4. What are the relationships between individual and organizational learning? How do they operate in synergy?
  5. What type of systems are used by Indian SMEs? How are human resource management systems deployed?
  6. What impact does minimum wage pay in the fast food industry have on employee retention, commitment and 7. performance?
  7. Case study of IBM for talent management and organizational development. How does selection and succession occur at IBM?
  8. What are talent management strategies that will help a company to find, recruit and retain the top employees?
  9. What human resource management systems can help a corporation achieve a competitive advantage against other businesses in the marketplace?
  10. What techniques are used to get employees engaged in the success or failure of the corporation?
  11. What types of leadership behavior encourage organizational learning among employees?
  12. How are labor disputes and negotiations conducted in the United States and Germany? What differences are present in these negotiation styles?
  13. How does the density of labor unions in France produce a different workplace environment than the United States? What are the differences?
  14. What are some of the effects of globalization on the recruitment and retention of the brightest employees?

After figuring out a topic, it is up to the student to research and write the paper. Choosing a topic early is the best way to get a head start on the research process. In addition, completing the work early allows the student to have extra time for proofreading, editing and changing the document.

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