List Of 10 Best Dissertation Topic Ideas About Unemployment

This can be a really interesting topic. The reason is, like always, the reasons for unemployment. It always seems to be very high at certain points on any given year. There are many reasons for this situation. Knowing what and why can give the writer numerous ideas on what to write about. The best way is to not only think about who is affected by unemployment but why it has occurred. Here is a list of 10 dissertation topic ideas about unemployment:

  1. How welfare has changed over the last 100 years. Are we better off now or then?
  2. Has equal opportunity really helped the unemployment problem in the United States?
  3. Are criminal records allowing companies to unfairly discriminate against individuals?
  4. Does unemployment benefits really help individuals find employment?
  5. Are young people discriminated against when looking for a job?
  6. How can higher minimum wages help the problems of unemployment?
  7. Does a college education really help with employment or is it just putting the masses in larger debt?
  8. Is it necessary for both parents to work in order to survive?
  9. Should child care be provided by the government so both parents can be employed?
  10. Should people be forced to take jobs they are over-qualified for just because their unemployment benefits expire?

These are just a few topics that you can use on this very broad topic. Make sure that the topic you choose is interesting to you so that you stay motivated to create a great dissertation. In order for this to happen, you must research thoroughly by using several resources. Make sure that you take good notes and keep them well organized so you can draw on them when you need to.

Create your outline for your thesis once you have thoroughly researched your topic. Make sure your outline includes your thesis statement in your introduction as well as some sentences that will try to entice your reader to read further. Use your well organized notes to create the body of your dissertation and include them in your outline. Lastly, create your conclusion which will restate your thesis and summarize the main points of your work. Also include the reasons why this dissertation was important and how it may help the masses who read it. Leave the reader with something to think about and hopefully he will go and expand on your ideas and make a real difference.

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