How To Pick The Best Dissertation Topics In Human Geography

Human geography is a very wide subject which includes further topics and sub categories. You cannot simply create an extensive paper if you do not narrow down your subject or create sub categories that you want to address. As a student, you need to remember that you can only choose a great topic when you have enough information and organization for the ideas that you will include in the assignment

Here is a list of gradual steps you can follow in order to compose a winning topic for your paper

  1. Understand your subject and paper
  2. The first you need to understand is the subject and develop a clear understanding of the paper so that you know what you need to talk about in your dissertation

  3. Divide your subject (draw a flow chart)
  4. Consider drawing a flow chart diagram, see different categories, and sub categories that fall under your subject

  5. Choose a subject niche
  6. When you have a list of the categories, questions and sub questions, you can go ahead and pick one that suits you the most. Remember to pick a niche that interest you and that you are familiar with

  7. Brainstorm for fresh ideas
  8. Find a peaceful corner and sit with a pen and paper in your hand. Close your eyes for a while take a deep breath and start the brainstorming process. You need to trigger one idea from the other and make a list of possible topics

  9. Eliminate the ones you do not need
  10. Not all the topics in the list will be useful or original; you can check the list thoroughly and eliminate the ones that are redundant, monotonous, obsolete, invalid, or illogical

  11. Develop major arguments for your final topics
  12. Once you eliminate irrelevant ideas and have a list of the best topics, you need to develop major arguments for each

  13. Carry out research to find supporting evidence
  14. Find relevant data to support your major arguments in the paper

  15. Choose the topic that has all the necessary data available
  16. Make a wise selection by choosing a topic that has enough data available for all the major arguments

  17. Get a suggestion

Example topics to help you choose or create your own in human geography

  • Poverty and homelessness in African suburbs
  • Landscape development in the North East
  • A study of gravel and clay, beach coral reef

Write Your Paper

As you take more time to write your paper you can conduct thorough research which can benefit you when your paper is completed. You have time to use more sources and you can choose good data without added pressure.

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