A List Of Unique Topic Suggestions For A Dissertation On The United Nations

The United Nations will turn seventy years old this fall. A deliberative body that has lasted decades longer than its predecessor, the League of Nations, the United Nations has 193 members. The deliberations and activities of this global body is a fertile ground for any graduate student looking to find a dissertation topic. There are numerous agencies within the United Nations, and each has a mandate to address

There are number of interesting possibilities from which to choose.

  • Global warming and international cooperation;
  • Food production in the face of increasing populations;
  • Humanitarian assistance provided by the United Nations for natural disaster;
  • The flood of refugees and how the United Nations can end the crisis;
  • The United Nations role in providing clean water to a given country;
  • The globalization of atomic energy;
  • The mining efforts of the United Nations in Southeast Asia and Afghanistan;
  • Ending slavery in West Africa with United Nations help;
  • Addressing the issue of child labor in South America;
  • Combating the growth of the desert in the Sahel;
  • The efforts of the United Nations to address honor killing of women in Jordan;
  • The United Nations attempt to promote democracy in the developing world;
  • The framing of international law in the corridors of the United Nations;
  • Education of young girls in India with United Nations assistance;
  • Aiding developing nations as a combat hunger and disease.

United Nations issues numerous reports and studies throughout the year. This is going to help any student in the writing of the dissertation because the research has already been done. It is the student’s prerogative to either interpret results or suggest areas with United Nations may need to improve. One challenge is the preponderance of data. It will be a great temptation for the student to simply recite the facts.

That does not help advanced the composition. A dissertation has to be original work of the student and some of his or her analytical ability must be within the paragraphs. Professors and academic committees are looking to see how the student has applied various analytical tools and research methodologies to arrive at answers. While United Nations provides enormous amounts of data, whoever writes dissertation must sift through the numbers to glean out answers to questions and possible suggestions. That is the major part of the writing assignment that has to be done and successfully as well. The project will allow for greater investigation of the United Nations and what it offers to humanity as a whole. Believe it or not writing a dissertation allows a person to become quite an authority in the area. Successful completion of one could lead to a career in international affairs.

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