The Top 10 Sample Dissertation Topics in Educational Leadership

When you choose a topic for your educational leadership dissertation, your most important consideration should be its value for this field of study. Your main goal is to make a contribution that will really help this field advance.

Take a look at a few suggestions you can use:

  1. 1.How to manage and develop educational talent.
  2. Offer your own ideas on the subject. Do not forget to include your suggestions of specialized classes that will help develop this talent in children from early age. You also need to explain how the current educators can notice this particular talent.

  3. 2.Increasing the problem solving skills of educational leaders through action research.
  4. Define action research and explain its value for the field of educational leadership. List the most efficient ways in which this technique can be used.

  5. 3.Digital tools for educational leaders.
  6. This dissertation should focus on the most recent technology and explain how some of the gadgets and other digital tools can benefit educational leaders. You need to get creative in order to show the most interesting and efficient ways to use the technology.

  7. 4.The role of left-right brain functions in teaching and learning.
  8. Offer a short overview of the existing information on the subject of the peculiarities of the left and right side brain functions. Offer your ideas on how to use them in the most efficient manner in order to both learn and teach.

  9. 5.National school leaders of today.
  10. This paper will be focused on personalities. You need to not only offer an overview of the most efficient leaders and their achievements, but also suggest the directions they should focus on to further the progress of the national educational system.

  11. 6.Education and law.
  12. What legal issues usually occur in the field of education? How to deal with them in the most efficient manner? Can you offer any suggestions on how to reduce the number of problems?

  13. 7.The relationship between a school board and school superintendent.
  14. What are their roles, duties and rights? Offer the most efficient balance of power for these entities.

  15. 8.National education problems.
  16. What issues demand immediate attention? What kind of consequences can they lead to? Offer your solutions.

  17. 9.School finances management.
  18. Develop an efficient financial plan that can help a school survive in the conditions of economic crisis. What kind of assistance should the government provide to schools?

  19. 10.National diversity in education.
  20. How does mixing children of different races and nationalities in one class affect the process of education? Should schools offer some cultural classes?

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