Fifteen Strong Topics For Composing A Pediatric Nursing Dissertation

Pediatric nursing is not only a fascinating course to take, but also very useful for the future. It gives you the possibility to make a great career in the niche, and you have additional experience to help you. A dissertation on this topic is not easy to make, just because any topic that you choose will require extended research. The scientific information needs to be exact, and you can’t integrate any vague data. Since it is such an elaborate subject, you have the chance to choose topics that will touch not only medical aspects, but also social and psychological ones.

  1. The skills that you need. You can compose your paper around what you think there are the most important qualities for this job. Either if you talk about patience, adaptability or endurance, it takes a lot of strength to be able to succeed in this field.

  2. The moral aspects of this job. There are many times when you have to consider the well-being of the child over his parents. When cases of abuse arise, you are obligated to warn the authorities.

  3. The impact of the family. In some cases, the family can not agree on a particular medical practice or treatment. You need to have a lot of calm and tact to be able to convince them to do the right thing.

  4. Appropriate nutrition. Nowadays, the fast-food industry is so developed that many young children are eating processed food that can have a terrible impact on long term.

  5. Vaccination. In the last years, there was an increasing number of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children thinking that vaccines do more harm than good. Express your opinion and bring evidences.

  6. Pain management in children. This is very complicated issue, especially in small children that can’t communicate. An adult can tell you what hurts and how bad, but a toddler will need you to guess for him.

  7. Strollers and bags for children. There are studies that show that certain types of bags for children can cause serious orthopedic problems. However, most of the parents are not even aware of the risks.

  8. Therapy in teenagers. When young adults face emotional problems, they tend to become distant and refuse to communicate with anyone. It is important to provide specialized help so the impact of their personality will be minimized.

  9. The exaggerated usage of antibiotics. In some countries, parents administrate medicine to their children without a doctor’s recommendation. When it comes to strong medicine like antibiotics, these can affect the immunity of the child.

  10. Daily supplements. When a child lacks necessary vitamins in his body, it is recommended to administrate supplements to correct this. However, some parents think it’s dangerous and unnecessary.

  11. Calming techniques. For a small child, a mere procedure like taking a blood sample can be extremely frightening. You need to be able to calm him and remove the fear.

  12. Caring for children with disabilities. Even if there are mental or physical disabilities, these patients always require special assistance and parents find it very difficult to provide it.

  13. Blood transfusion. In adults, it is a pretty simple process, but in young adults it can be more complicated.

  14. Depression. In young kids, depression is not as easy to detect or to heal. Present some cases and give some solutions.

  15. ADHD. This condition can be a real struggle for many nurses, as they feel they can’t communicate or control the patient. Provide a few basic tips to help them deal with this condition.

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