Composing A Dissertation Table Of Contents: Where To Find A Proper Sample

The most fiddly and most frustrating parts of writing a dissertation are, without a doubt, the ‘extras’ beside the main bulk of writing. That is the bibliography, the title page and, of course, the table of contents. It is very rare that students will have had to compose one of these for any sort of academic writing before, so how on Earth do you know where to start? Perhaps the best way is to take inspiration from other people’s examples. Below is a short list of the best places to find proper samples of dissertation table of contents pages.

  • Essay writing sites
  • There are plenty of essay writing sites online that, although requiring a fee (which can vary from very reasonable to incredibly expensive), DissertationTeam is very reliable. This is perhaps the best place to start because the examples that you will find and buy will be professionally written to a very high standard. Of course, since you are a student, you’ll want to try to get the best deal you can, so remember to look around before you purchase. Also, see if the company is willing to give out free samples of dissertations – that way they might send you a table of contents that you can take inspiration from for nothing at all!

  • Google
  • Any search engine, but Google, in particular, is going to find you some reasonable results. Many of the examples that you find will be samples that other students have willingly shared online with friends, often through forums for their subjects or through university pages. Obviously, if possible, it is worth following these sources, too, in order to see whether there are any more examples relevant to what you need. Do keep in mind, however, not plagiarising anyone else’s work!

  • Google Scholar
  • Like Google (of course), but more geared towards finding academic results rather than those that other students have perhaps shared over forums etc. This has the added benefit of meaning that the results that are brought up are professionally checked as well as being complete free (compare the first point)! It might take slightly longer to wade through a lot of different results, unfortunately, and sometimes you will have to download whole dissertations in order just to read the table of contents, but seeing as they are usually very close to the beginning of the document, this shouldn’t take too much time, and you’ll soon be writing your own!

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As you take more time to write your paper you can conduct thorough research which can benefit you when your paper is completed. You have time to use more sources and you can choose good data without added pressure.

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