4 Simple Rules For Developing Unique Thesis Topics

If you feel overwhelmed by the need to craft a unique topic for your thesis – relax! There is a simple way to do it with the guide below.

  1. Look for topics in the area you have a particular interest in.
  2. What aspect of your major discipline interests you most? If you find it difficult to answer, remember the issues that provoked the hottest debates in your classroom. What stance did you take then and why? Would you like to dig deeper into one of these issues and find proof that you were right?

    Your motivation really matters for a proper thesis topic choice. If you pick one you are bored about writing, however fresh and original it seems, you might simply fail to complete your paper or produce a very poor one.

  3. Consider your personal experiences and background.
  4. Look for any kind or personal connection you might have with any promising thesis topic. If you are a business student, think of a company you have worked for (or the one you work for now). What business concepts does it apply in its practice? What are the results? If you majored in medicine, think about someone with a particular illness or disability who you know personally. What treatment does he or she receive? Does it seem to work as it should, according to your textbooks? Is there a more efficient way? Building a link between your personal experience and the theories you have studied can provide for a truly unique thesis. Moreover, you will be well-prepared to write on such a topic and hence be more likely to succeed.

  5. Base your topic on previous research.
  6. When you form a general idea of what you will be exploring, look through previous research studies in this field. To easily craft an original topic, take one of the previous studies and invent a way to overcome the limitations mentioned by the author. Investigate the same issue as he or she does, but use a different methodology or a focus group of participants with other characteristics.

  7. Create a pool of ideas.
  8. Whatever thesis topic you choose, do not become overly obsessed with it. Keep at least several others in reserve. As you do the preliminary research on your chosen topic, you might have to reject it as impractical or unmanageable for you at the moment. Also, your faculty board might not approve the topic you love. You will be less frustrated if you have another one to pursue instead.

Write Your Paper

As you take more time to write your paper you can conduct thorough research which can benefit you when your paper is completed. You have time to use more sources and you can choose good data without added pressure.

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