Coming Up With Unexpected Geography Dissertation Ideas

Geography is one of the most diverse areas of academic study. It encompasses many, many aspects of the Earth, from physical features like lakes and rivers, to the movements and activities of human beings. The study of geography is generally divided into two main branches: physical geography and human geography. Both subspecialities are diverse enough to allow for many rich possibilities when you’re working on coming up with unexpected geography dissertation ideas. Here are just a few ideas to get you started when you’re selecting an undergraduate dissertation topic for a degree in geography.

  • Figure out what you’re most interested in. Almost everything under the umbrella of geography is fascinating, but naturally, you’ll need to narrow things down to select a geography dissertation topic. Are you more interested in physical features of the Earth, like hydrology, or human activities, like migration patterns and the distribution of people within urban spaces?
  • For unexpected geography dissertation ideas, look to the here and now. Contemporary issues in geography can be a fertile source of topics for your geography dissertation. Have you considered LARP (Live Action Roleplay) or social media? Believe it or not, these human activities can easily be studied through the lens of academic geography.
  • Consider looking at a historical event or issue in geography. For example, you could explore the effects of climate change during the Little Ice Age, such as its impact on Norse settlement and exploration of the New World. There are many unexpected geography dissertation events strewn throughout the Earth’s history, from the impact on sea levels of the Cretaceous climate and its implications for long-term climate fluctuations, to the Industrial Revolution and the growth of urbanization.
  • Consult with your professor or academic advisor about areas of research that could prove especially fruitful. If you’re still at a bit of a loss for a geography dissertation topic, a professor in your department may be able to help you come up with ideas.

These are just a few ways of coming up with unexpected geography dissertation ideas. For your geography dissertation, you’ll want to find a topic that’s unique, original, and genuinely fascinating to you. A dissertation takes an enormous amount of time, energy, and original research, and often forms a crucial part of obtaining your degree. You don’t want to choose just any topic: you need to find a topic that you’re comfortable devoting a huge amount of effort to. With the right topic and a genuine passion for the subject, you can motivate yourself to truly excel in your research.

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