5 Common Mistakes to Avoid Hiring a Custom Dissertation Writing Agency 

If you decide to hire a professional custom writing agency to do your dissertation, you should understand all the difficulties of creating this academic paper. Often, students do not care who will complete their order, they don’t pay attention to the vital criteria of choosing a service, and receive a poorly written document as a result. Here are the most common mistakes you should avoid when hiring an agency:

  1. Choosing cheap services.
  2. Students are always pressed for money, but this is not a good reason for hiring the cheapest service on the Web. Look through the available offers online, and you’ll learn the average pricing on the market. If an agency has a lower price, they are either scammers or the quality of their final product leaves much to be desired.

  3. Selecting general services.
  4. There are many multifunctional writing companies on the Internet. They can write all the possible types of academic papers. At first glance, this is not a reason for concern, since the job will anyway get done. However, dissertations are a specific type of academic writing, and there are lots of nuances that should be considered in the process. Choose an agency that only provides dissertation-writing services.

  5. Not checking the writer’s credentials.
  6. It often happens that students thoughtlessly give the choice of their writers to the agency. However, you should double-check if the candidate suits your needs. Ask for the writer’s credentials. It is important that he or she has a doctorate or at least a master’s degree in your field of study. Has the writer already completed similar assignments? Does he or she have experience in dissertation defense? Are there any available samples to look through?

  7. Not participating in the process.
  8. It is a natural desire to burden the writing agency with your dissertation and completely forget about it till the deadline. Even if the writer is professional and the company is reliable, there is no guarantee that your paper will be perfect. You should follow the writing process from the first word until the last word. Make suggestions, ask for the completed parts to look through, and demand revisions. Who, if not you, knows your professor’s whims and your university standards?

  9. Not keeping the secret.
  10. Let the fact that you’ve hired a custom dissertation writing company be a secret. Do not tell anybody about it, not even your friends. If the information slips out, you will have lots of problems. This will be the end of your academic career.

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