Coming Up With Fresh Sports Journalism Dissertation Ideas

Dissertation in sports journalism often includes investigation, so students can learn plenty of interesting facts, discover unexpected things, and find out that some information isn’t true. This area of research covers everything related to athletic competitions and events. You can get plenty of ideas for your paper by looking through magazines and newspapers, watching news broadcasts and TV shows, and talking to athletes and experts in the field.

You should explore the following several areas in order to come up with a fresh sports journalism dissertation idea:

  • Learn how sports events are covered.
  • Today, professionals have discovered new ways of keeping the audience informed about what is going on. You can focus your research on websites that broadcast athletic events live and explain why they are becoming more and more popular among the fans.

  • Discuss how journalists stay neutral while presenting their views of sports news.
  • Usually, the audience doesn’t know what team is a journalist’s favorite. The journalist provides facts and expert opinions, while trying to stay neutral. Your study might outline how to present unbiased opinions and get the audience informed.

  • Study how everything is changing in the Digital Era.
  • Modern technologies have changed the ways people get information, process it, and store it. Many websites provide news about competitions, allow fans to place bets online, and watch different video content related to their favorite athletes. Your paper might examine what happened to traditional media, and why some people still prefer watching football games on TV.

  • Analyze why sports journalism can’t be considered mainstream.
  • You can figure out what journalism areas are considered mainstream, determine what characteristics they have, and analyze why this kind of journalism isn’t mainstream. Keep in mind that your argument should be supported by evidence. It’s also fine to provide an expert opinion.

  • Predict the future perspectives.
  • Dissertations about future perspectives are always interesting to read. However, you’ll have to work hard in order to build strong arguments to support your position. It’s reasonable to get expert opinions, analyze them, determine the development tendencies in the field, and highlight the problems that further research might address.

  • Investigate whether the sports journalism has gender issues.
  • This topic idea is related to gender studies. You have to figure out whether there are any facts of gender inequality in the world of sports journalism. You can find an example case and analyze it or ask the professionals what they think about gender issues.

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