Writing A Dissertation On International Relations: Things To Keep In Mind

International Relations is a subject closely associated with political science. In fact, in other universities or learning institutions, it is taught as political. There are many dissertation ideas that can be written arising from looking at how other nations relate with each other.

The Middle East and Israel have for long been at loggerheads with each other. This is mainly due to the recognition of a Palestinian state. The issue has been so severe that the two nations went into war regarding that matter. Some arguments can be depicted from their relationship: why has recognizing a Palestine state proven to be so complex? What is the main reason as to why one country doesn’t want it to be recognized? What about the two countries’ relationship with the West? Is it similar to theirs? Is there anyone trying to make the two bury the hatchet? Or rather, what should/could be done to restore peace between the two nations?

The problems facing Africa can also form a good thesis. One could look at instances such as why with the involvement of the West, things have gotten worse? What about the problems tagging along Zimbabwe. Especially with all the sanctions imposed on the country. Is it a wise idea to have it removed from the African Union (AU)? And should that happen, how will African nations relate with each other?

Speaking of Unions, what about the European Union? For so long they have tried to find ideal solutions in order to structure International Relations among each other, most notably with the introduction of a common currency, the Euro. Has this proven successful in establishing those ties? What about the allowing of Eastern Europe nations to join the EU? Was it a great idea or a recipe for catastrophe?

Despite China being a superpower, why has it increased its openness to the U.S with relation to economic growth and technology? Is China not a communist community? To what extent has the West influenced China in general? And can this reflect on the continent of Asia as well. Another question that could make a good thesis would be why China’s economic growth is important to the West.

Lastly, is the relationship between the U.S and Middle East. Why does the U.S keep sending troops there and why does the Middle East take U.S citizens hostage? Is it the scramble for the oil wells in the Middle East? Is the U.S invading alien territory due to sheer selfishness?

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