The Top 20 Best Thesis Paper Topics In US History

As what most people know, the United States have a very interesting history that writers can write about when they need to come up with a practical thesis paper. However, the truth is this subject isn’t a smooth task to handle as it can be a vast and very demanding research work to work on.

Undoubtedly, thinking of the best topics that can grab the attention of your readers is already so daunting considering this is just the first process. What is more, once the topic you have chosen does not interest you, then, this doubles the hardship of competing the composition. While it is true that writing some facts and stories about what happened in the past, tracing some significant events and people and discovering more about a certain thing that exist in a certain country are all tedious researches to focus on; however, you cannot deny the fact that all of them definitely play a crucial role in the existence of a nation.

Students often wonder why it seems teachers give them a hard time when it comes to composing a form of writing work. Usually, they give their pupils with very toilsome topics to which they don’t find themselves so interested. Students perhaps may not understand how truly valuable these kinds of works to them since they only see the downside of the task.

Fortunately, the internet has countless of websites that offer free ideas with regards to various topics which students and writers can consider when they need to compose a piece. Since there are lots of possible subjects to write about, then, this somehow lessens the anxiety and burden that one has when it comes to composing a paper that could either make or break their career.

Here are some of the outstanding dissertation subjects you may consider that have something to do with the American account:

  1. The Civil Rights Movement in America

  2. United States Immigration

  3. The American Revolution

  4. Vietnam War and America

  5. Women’s History In America

  6. Slavery, Civil Rights and the Constitution

  7. America’s Longest War

  8. Way of Life for Native Americans

  9. Vanderbilt and the Industrial Revolution

  10. History of Labor Day

  11. History of New York City

  12. History of Veteran’s Day

  13. Black Power Movement

  14. Slavery in America

  15. The US and Vietnam

  16. Pentagon Papers

  17. Historical Progression of American Woman

  18. Tonkin Gulf Resolution

  19. Kennedy and Vietnam

  20. Spanish Conquest in the Americas

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