Top 25 Catchy Sociology Dissertation Title Examples

Like many of the other social sciences, sociology is a subject that lends itself well to the essay writing process. Therefore, if you are studying sociology at University then you may be required to write a dissertation. In fact, if you do need to write a sociology dissertation, then you will probably be wondering whether there are any catchy titles that you can use for your essay.

In order to give you an idea of a variety of different catchy titles, the following 25 examples can be used as the basis of your sociology dissertation title.

  1. A philosophical examination of 21st century American society
  2. In what way do petitions help to influence the law that is produced by the government?
  3. Does feminism truly stand for the equal rights of women in the 21st century?
  4. How important was the suffragettes movement and would women have the same rights today without it?
  5. How do you subcultures develop over time?
  6. What societal changes in the 20th century occurred that influenced and led to the development of the hippie movement?
  7. What harm does marijuana have on society and should all drugs be made illegal?
  8. Compare and contrast the social mobility of individuals in India and the United States?
  9. In what way has social mobility developed and changed over the past century?
  10. In what way do policymakers use the ideas developed and researched by sociologists?
  11. An analysis and discussion of the research methods used when trying to write a sociology dissertation
  12. How can the Internet be used in order to carry out research for sociology papers?
  13. How has the Internet help to structure and develop new societies?
  14. What are the positives and negatives of society in having a free healthcare system?
  15. An analysis of children who are raised without a gender assigned to them
  16. An analysis of children who are raised by animals
  17. How do prisoners adapt to life after being released?
  18. An analysis of different educational systems used in countries around the world
  19. How to tackle the drug problem in America: punishment or rehabilitation?
  20. What is functionalism?
  21. How does conflict theory work?
  22. How do people’s attitudes change when given a title or uniform?
  23. A study of alpha males
  24. How the sociology developed since the early 20th century?
  25. What is culture?

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