The Top 10 Unexplored Dissertation Topics In Computer Science

When you are trying to find topics for computer science, you need to choose carefully. Remember that the dissertation will be part of your life for some time. You need to make sure that the topic is interesting to you and that there is enough background research for you to draw on.

One other point to consider is that no matter how interesting the topic, it will not guarantee a good mark that is up to you and your hard work. But topics that are original or have not been used tend to get attention.

It should be acknowledged though that choosing your topic is a difficult decision. A good way to make a start is by taking to friends and you professor as well as looking for inspiration from lists like this one.

  1. Design a password management application that has the ability to provide optimum security. This is possibly one of the most useful dissertations as password management affects just about everyone that uses a computer. Using this as a topic can have many different uses in security and commerce.
  2. Use of an algorithm to assist in highlighting Health and Safety directives. This would have benefit throughout many industries. Health and Safety can be an issues in some industries and workers can take the issues for granted so this would enhance some of the issues.
  3. Improving and supporting the systems for modern apps. This could focus on some of the issues that face the consumer as generally some of the newer apps cannot run on older hardware.
  4. The risks that are involved with using variable robots. Research and provide current data on their use and determine how these risks can be managed.
  5. Using software to control energy consumption. This has been achieved to a point, but how can this technology be applied to a greater market economy.
  6. Designing a model that allows extraction of statistics that are more useful or can answer more complex questions. This needs to be applied to specific research areas in other fields of study.
  7. Exploration of methods to strengthen software against attacks by external threats. Security is always a continual concern and this topic could be developed into something very useful.
  8. Exploration of methods to strengthen software against user errors. This could include research into what happens when errors occur and frequency.
  9. Development of a process that will accurately translate and update documents from one word-processing package to a newer version. This could be one of the most time saving apps ever.
  10. Exploration of the need to produce resources that enable the management of resources used in complex and enduring situations. This could apply to emergency services as well as the military.

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