Typical Dissertation Chapters: Basic Structure Rules To Follow

Since you have already been asked to work on this paper, perhaps asking you to do more research will be a bit more advance than what you need to get. In most cases a lot of students jump to researching for their paper before they do anything else. Let’s not get things wrong, it is good to do research on your paper, and as a matter of fact it is important for you to ensure that you get proper research carried out. However, all this would be futile in the event that you do not know what to do with all the good research that you have done. Herein are some of the main features that your paper must never miss:

  • Introduction
  • The introduction to your paper is supposed to be a primer, give the reader a brief outline of what they are supposed to look forward to in the paper. It is more like reading or watching news headlines, giving you a snippet of what is to come in the prime time news.

  • Literature review
  • This section pretty much is the real paper that you are working on. This is where you review all the other literature that has been worked on with respect to the paper that you are writing. It is important to mention further that this section should also guide your paper in terms of reference material, and how the other sections will develop.

  • Research methods
  • In this section you describe the research process, the methods that you used to collect data and any other challenges that you may have faced in the process of working on the paper.

  • Discussion and analysis
  • Here you discuss the research process and methods that you used, giving a clearer perspective of the results based on your assessment and assertions. Remember that what matters here is your views because you are the one who was carrying out the research, and you therefore have firsthand experience with the results.

  • Recommendations
  • When you are through you should then put down some recommendations for further studies, things that you hope others who read your paper might be able to think about and use to help them build on your study.

  • Conclusion
  • Finally when you are done with the paper you can then put down the concluding remarks. This is supposed to sum up all the arguments and wrap up the discussion.

  • Preliminaries
  • Preliminaries include sections like the abstract, summary, appendices and bibliography.

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As you take more time to write your paper you can conduct thorough research which can benefit you when your paper is completed. You have time to use more sources and you can choose good data without added pressure.

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