Creating Winning Dissertation Titles In Law: 12 Great Suggestions

Whether you are a professor preparing to hand down a dissertation to your students, or a college-student tasked with writing a dissertation in law creating a winning title can seem almost as daunting a task as writing the actual paper! I am always amazed at how many students create amazing work but fall apart at the mere thought of coming up with at title. They suffer the worst form of writer’s block.

So, how do you come up those elusive titles? Here’re 12 great suggestions.

Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed

It is very easy to go into panic mode when confronted with an unpleasant task; or something that is slightly out of our comfort zone. You need to keep this in perspective. The most important thing is writing a stupendous dissertation. The title, while incredibly important is secondary to that.

Make sure it is relevant

When it comes to writing your paper (and your title) Law is no different from General Medical Practice. What is key, is the need to keep your title relevant to the topic and specialty that you have chosen. This is a little extreme. However, I am simply illustrating a point. There is no point coming up with a title on family law, when your subject matter is commercial law.

Make it punchy

The purpose of your title is not to send anyone to sleep. Try and keep it snappy and punchy but within the relevant legal framework.

Ensure it has gravitas

Law is a serious subject. It is the difference between incarceration and liberty. Ensure that your title has the gravitas to reflect this fact.

Bounce some ideas off friends

No matter who you are, if you are having problems then your friends should be willing to help. You are never too old for games. Bounce some suggestions off friends and family and see what you come up with as a collective.

Check out examples of titles

While for plagiarism reasons you can’t just go and lift someone else’s title and pass it off as your own, there is no harm turning to text books or other papers for examples of titles. This should give you a benchmark from which to work.

Search the internet

The internet is the answer to most people’s prayers these days. A quick search should yield plenty of results. Again, you can’t copy but you can seek inspiration from them.

Speak to some lawyers

You are studying law, right? Well, it makes sense to speak to someone in the know. Speaking to someone within the legal community should really help you come up with the information that you need.

Write the dissertation first

Don’t let any hang ups that you have about the title distract you from writing the actual paper. If you are struggling, just go ahead and write it. The title will follow.

Don’t force the title

If you try and force the title then it is going to sound wrong. You cannot bash a square into a round hole and expect it to fit. The same applies with your title.

Admit you need help

There is no shame in holding your hands up and admitting that you need a little help. Run it past your teacher. I am sure that collectively you can come up with something!

Think like a lawyer

Again, it helps if you can get your legal head on. Don’t think like a student. Think like a lawyer!

Write Your Paper

As you take more time to write your paper you can conduct thorough research which can benefit you when your paper is completed. You have time to use more sources and you can choose good data without added pressure.

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